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Since his early teens, JD Allen has been using his God-given talents to write and perform an eclectic range of original music. Influenced by blues, gospel, swing, and classical - JD's style is best described as alternative country and alternative Christian, with a touch of folk, country, gospel, and Americana mixed together. Combined with a lyrical style that is heavy on the message and strong on humor, JD's has a unique style and sound that is all his own.

In his early years as his music started getting radio air play, the DJ's couldn't pronounce his real name: Allen Abajian. They begged him to change it. His twin sons suggested using initials instead, and the suggestion of J.D. for "Just Dad" surfaced and he has been known as "J(ust) D(ad) Allen" ever since.

Also known as the Windy City Cowboy, this name surfaced back in the 80's when his first album was getting regional airplay in California, Arizona, and Nevada. Going by the name "Armenian Cowboy" at the time, fans were asking where he was from. When JD answered "Chicago", they'd ask why a yankee gangster was doing country music? Not wanting to pass up on this great Chicago stereotype, from that point forward JD has been known as the Windy City Cowboy.

Before going out on his own with his GMI record company, JD's rich musical history includes performing with the likes of Jo Dee Messina, Toby Keith, Doug Kershaw, Hank Thompson, and the late Red Rhodes.

When he's not performing on stage or TV, his favorite venue still remains the small, quaint coffee houses that dot the country. It is there where both songwriting and interaction with people remains both fun and meaningful.

JD has releases several albums, including "Out of Our Hands" and "Heaven is My Home". Future releases include a new country album with several classic cover tunes combined with new compositions including the new hit single "Bangin' Doors", as well as an album of hymns and Christian songs.

When not writing, performing, or touring - JD actively serves in various ministries in his home church.

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